Pantone Colour Trends for AW17

Pantone 2017 Swatch

The Pantone Colour Institute have recently released their top 10 Autumn-Winter colours for 2017’s Fashion Colour Report. This year, not one but two brilliant colour palettes have been created, inspired by the London and New York runways during Fashion Week. Standout shades include pale pink ‘Ballet Slipper’ and bright ‘Marina Blue’, while Pantone’s vice president, Laurie Pressman, recommends a fashionably muted colour dichotomy by pairing ‘Royal Lilac’ with ‘Otter Brown’.

The new colour scheme is part of a traditional, bi-annual recommendation from Pantone. It will be used as a reference point by fashion retailers, interior decorators, and enthusiasts around the world. Case in point, Icon By Design has studied this season’s palette and integrated some of the colour combinations with our new furniture arrivals. Discover how we’ve paired Pantone’s colours and colourways with our clean, minimalist Scandinavian designs for an unpretentious colour palette. Read on for inspiration on how to style these classic wintery combinations with the bright, natural elements of our solid hardwood furniture.

The Franz Armchair in Pale Blue

The Franz Plank Armchair in Pale Blue has been modeled after the Pantone colour ‘Blue Bell’ from the London palette. Blue Bell, described by Pressman as a “tranquil blue” that “reflects connection and a soothing sense of peace” was the ideal colour option for the reclining Franz Plank Armchair, which is made to be lived in and enjoyed visually for its sleek, contemporary feel.

Flawless against the clean angular lines of the chair’s arms and legs, the calming blue works pleasingly with natural warm oak tones to create an emphasis on the organic nature of Scandinavian interior design and this season’s Autumnal colour scheme.

How to Style

Wondering what Pantone colours to pair with the Franz Plank? We recommend the soft blue and warm brown be paired with a contrasting mustardy yellow similar to ‘Lemon Curry’. The result would be an arresting stillness, interrupted by the warmth of a yellow-brown accent.

The Nestor Chair in Sage Green

Following Pantone’s announcement that 2017’s colour is ‘Greenery’, zesty yellow-green inspirations have been continually popping up. It’s therefore no surprise that ‘Golden Lime’, an earthy green with crisp yellow undertones, was a complementary shade fitting for the A/W New York palette, and Icon By Design’s Nestor chair.

The Nestor’s Sage Green fabric easily takes on the concept of a warm green neutral, although a shade darker than Golden Lime. The warm undertones are brought out by an earthy green, reminiscent of sheltering and protective evergreens of autumn. One of our favourite new arrivals, the Nestor brings a rustic, authentic element to the home that is easily associated with Scandi interior design.

How to Style

The Nestor Chair would perfectly enhance Pantone’s warmer rustic colours such as ‘Butterum’ and ‘Otter Brown’. It’s no wonder then that the green matches so well against the solid American white oak. Alternatively, the colour can ignite darker pieces such as navy and grey, as an accent colour.

Pantone Navy Couch

Noah 3 Seater Sofa in Denim Blue

Pantone has celebrated navy this season as the quintessential Autumn-Winter colour by featuring ‘Navy Peony’ across the New York and London colour palettes. An arresting neutral, Navy Peony is described by Pressman as a “dependable and anchoring shade” that is “solid and stable”. We at Icon By Design have to agree. That’s why we’ve featured the dark shade as part of the Noah 3 Seater Sofa in Denim Blue. Hanging low off the ground, the use of a dark navy colour exposes the solidness and stability of the Noah sofa, and encapsulates the sense of space and modernity it occupies. The blue also complements spectacularly against the clean, curved lines of the sofa’s solid wood accents.

How to Style

We love the way the minimalist dark navy looks when coupled with innocuous pastels such as ‘Ballet Slipper’ pink and ‘Neutral Grey’. Alternatively, there’s nothing more refreshing than placing this classic blue shade against a creamy background colour of soft white or light grey.

Pantone Grey Video

Svend Entertainment Unit

Last but not least, Pantone’s ‘Neutral Grey’ was chosen as an accent piece for the doors of the newly released Svend Entertainment Unit. Why? The colour’s name is self-explanatory, it goes with almost anything. We knew it would be the right shade to feature in the timeless, versatile design of the Svend. Featured on the front door panel, the accent colour is available against only the Svend’s solid white oak or alongside a classic creamy white panelling. We enjoy the grey next to solid white, as the combination lends a lightness to the Svend Entertainment Unit that lives up to Icon By Design’s language of minimalist, airy spaciousness.

How to Style

Pantone recommends using Neutral Grey as an accent colour or as a head-to-toe statement. This is perfect for a modern, Nordic-approach, where grey is often used magnificently as an accent piece against other neutrals. If you’re considering Pantone’s colour palette with Neutral Grey, tawny russet tones such as ‘Butterum’ and ‘Autumn Maple’ are a great option. Click here to see the effect of grey pieces against a darker walnut wood.